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LISA! Language courses for teenagers | 2 weeks of English in Malta £854

Monday - Friday — 09:00 - 17:00


LISA!  Language courses for teenagers are perfectly organised and well cared for language courses by the sea for children (8 to 13 years), teenagers (14 to 17 years) and students (17 to 19 years). You can either stay with a guest family or in a hotel. The full free time programme, the language course, the support and accommodation as well as all transfers, are all included in the price.

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Our three recommendations (mostly booked language courses for teenagers):


Malta – Sliema 2017
13-19 year olds
Available dates
£896 / 2 weeks


Brighton England 2017
12-19 year olds
Dates: 05.06.-28.08
£1157 / 2 weeks


Nice France 2017
15-21 year olds
Available dates
£1340  / 2 weeks


  1. Costs
    A two week language course for teenagers by the sea costs £896 in Malta. Included in the price are the language classes, support, accommodation, food, flight transfers and a full free time programme. You can find many offers below.
  2. Support
    Your child will be well supported and looked after by us. The level of care depends on the choice of destination. Your children will think of the experience as 'the best time of my life with the coolest guides'. We also offer language courses with complete freedom meaning there is no supervision or free time programme, and these are our young adult courses called 16 Plus language courses.
  3. Free time programme
    The supervised LISA! free time programme for students is included in the price. The great free time programme is part of the LISA! Language course. It is an important part since students can practice their new language skills during the programme.
  4. Teaching
    We offer you the choice of the best language teachers in the world, who specialise in the teaching of their mother tongue as a foreign language. Students from all over the world participate in our language classes.


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