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LISA! Language courses Spanish | 2 weeks in Granada £572

Monday - Friday — 09:00 - 17:00


The quickest way to learn or perfect Spanish is a professional language course in one of our language schools in a Spanish speaking country.


nullWhat to do:

  1. Choose a country: Spain vs Latin America, beach holidays vs. city trips
  2. Choose a destination: By the sea, in the city, in the rainforest
  3. Book a language course: online, by telephone, by e-mail

Adults have good reasons to learn Spanish: they enhance their language skills used at work or in highschool by freely moving around the world. In a LISA! Language course they learn Spanish freely and the grammar comes naturally. Our language schools are members of approved professional associations.

We have organised Spanish language courses worldwide for the psat 25 years. Participants benefit largely from our expertise. We are available to offer any personal advice at any time: 01256-808212 


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