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LISA! English courses in Cambridge | 16 Plus | 2 weeks £1275

Monday - Friday — 09:00 - 17:00


Our 16 Plus language courses are perfectly tailored for independent students from 16 years, who do not wish to participate in a language coruse with a supervised free time programme.  16 Plus language courses are a lower price than the standard student courses since there isn't 24 hour supervision and there's also no free time programme.

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  1. Freedom: Students see Cambridge independently, care through the guest family
  2. Low price: No free time programme or 24 hour supervision
  3. Discover Cambridge: A free time programme can be booked individually

The medieval buildings and cobbled streets are the distinctive image of the university city of Cambridge. Our language school is situated directly in the heart of Cambridge in a modern brick lined building. The rowing boat team of the university and the numerous canoeists train along the River Cam. You discover the city and the bank of the River Cam best by bike. A tour through the university as well as a visit to the 'Fitzwilliam Museum' is a must! In New market dressed up visitors are engrossed in the horse racing.


LISA! Language courses for students »

LISA! Language courses for students in Cambridge 16 Plus are perfectly organised English language courses in the heart of the city. Your children will be taught and educated by us. Our language courses are suited for young adults from 16 years. Our under 18s experience a level of supervision. Whoever books a LISA! language course for their child, books a premium class too. We are members of professional associations and have over 20 years of experience  in the field of language courses abroad. In the date calendar you will find dates for the course start dates. During the language course, the students will live in chosen accommodation.

Accreditation »

With more than 20 years of experience, LISA! Study Abroad is one of the best agencies offering organised language programmes today. Our language school is approved by the British Council and English UK.

Your LISA! language course for teenagers »

On the day of arrival of the LISA! language course, your child will arrive at their accommodation. On the first school day the students will be split into groups on the basis of language levels. Your children will learn to speak fluent English with us in the school holidays. We also prepare your child for his or her final exams or help them to improve their school marks.

Arrival »

We will happily book your child a low cost flight to London. We recommend taking the bus to Cambridge. We will also gladly book your child a transfer from the airport. Please note that the flight will be unsupervised. Arrival and departures are between 08.00 and 20.00 every Saturday.

After the language course - Highlights in Cambridge:

  • A tour through the University of Cambridge

  • Visit to the 'Fitzwilliam Museum'

  • Shopping on Kings Street and the Bridge Street

  • A Saturday amble around 'All Saints garden Art and Craft Market'

  • A cycle tour through the town and along the River Cam

  • Visit the oldest university museum 'Sedgwick Museum'

  • Take a 'Punting' boat ride down the River Cam

  • Enjoy live music in Cambridge Park in summer

We are happy to help you find the language course which best meets your needs. We will give you advice on the best time to travel, the ideal duration of your language course, information about the respective entry requirements and about how to get to your accommodation. Our information service is free of charge. You can book your language course by phone, e-mail or by filling out our online booking form.

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