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LISA! English course in Galway | 12 -17 years | 2 weeks £1539

Monday - Friday — 09:00 - 17:00


Students from 12 to 17 years spend their summer holiday in Galway by the sea. The university city lies in a wonderful bay on the Irish coast where there are wonderful beaches.

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  1. Top location: Learn English directly next to the Irish sea with wonderful beaches
  2. Family holiday:  English with the family (separate courses for parents & children)
  3. Quality: International participants, everything close by

Our comfortable, well-equipped school campus in the wonderful Irish city Galway, is not far away from the sea. Students can discover the typical Irish coastal town with us, where there are great beaches for bathing. In the district Salt Hill there is a 'Leisure Land' and an amusement park with a big ferris wheel. At the aquarium they can learn more about the underwater world. The river Corrib flows through Galway and in the town centre there are typical colourful houses. On 'Shop Street' there are charming little shops for shopping. Through the old-aged Celtic history, which is full of sayings and legends, they can experience Ireland with its mysticism.


LISA! Language courses for students »

LISA! Language courses for students are perfectly organised, cared for, modern and well- equipped language courses for children and teenagers abroad. Your child will be well looked after at our language school in Dublin. Our tour guides and school team are always available to help and give advice. In the calendar you will find the course start dates. During the language course, the students will stay in chosen accommodation. In Dublin we also offer language courses for adults. Information regarding our English language courses for adults can be found by clicking the 'adults' tab.

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With more than 20 years of experience, LISA! Study Abroad is one of the best agencies offering organised language programmes today. The school is approved by the subject organisations ACELS and NQAI as well as being a member of Quality English. We have a familiar language school, surrounded by a beautiful landscape. All teachers are trained in the teaching of their native language, English as a foreign language.

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On arrival, your child will be welcomed by our group leaders or by his or her host family. On the first day, a language test takes place. Groups are formed on the basis of language levels therefore, teenagers are usually with others of a similar age. This guarantees excellent and successful learning. With a LISA! language course you will open your child to a whole new world and give them the chance to broaden their horizons. We also prepare your child for his or her final exams or help to improve their school marks. After classes, our great group leaders and the school team will provide your child with a wide range of free-time activities. At the weekends the school organises day or half-day trips. Your child has the opportunity to spend the remaining time with his or her host family. Please be aware that there will be times when your child may be unsupervised.

Arrival »

We are happy to book your child a low priced plane ticket to Dublin, Galway or Shannon. The flight is unsupervised. The transfers are included in the price for Dublin and Halway. The arrival times are Saturday and Sunday between 09:00 and 17:00. The departures are also on Saturdays and Sundays but at 11:00 or 20:00. Your son or daughter will be warmly welcomed at the airport and taken to their accommodation. They receive a bus ticket for the journey to Galway, where they will be welcomed by our group leaders or by his or her host family and taken to their accommodation. We are happy to arrange for your child to be picked up at Shannon Airport by transfer on Saturdays or Sundays. Please call us or send us an e-mail. We give you detailed advice regarding transfers, prices and low cost flights to Dublin, Galway or Shannon.

Typical activities (included in the price):

  • Orientation Tour

  • Play tennis

  • Bowling

  • Disco

  • Karaoke nights

  • Irish dance evenings

  • Boat trips around the Iran Islands

  • Bike tour

  • Trip to the 'Cliffs of Moher' or to Dublin


We are happy to help you find the language course which best meets your needs. We will give you advice on the best time to travel, the ideal duration of your language course, information about the respective entry requirements and about how to get to your accommodation. Our information service is free of charge. You can book your language course by phone, e-mail or by filling out our online booking form.

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