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LISA! English course in Toronto | 16 Plus | 2 weeks £929

Monday - Friday — 09:00 - 17:00


Our 16 plus language courses are perfectly tailored for independent teenagers from 16 years who do not wish to take part in a supervised free time programme. 16 plus language courses are priced lower than the standard student language courses because they do not require 24 hour supervision and there is no free time programme.

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  1. Freedom: Discover Toronto by oneself, supervision only through the guest family
  2. Attractive price: Course without free time programme and 24 hour supervision
  3. Discover Toronto: An organised free time programme can be booked individually

Our language school in Toronto is situated in the heart of town in the green district of Lawrence Park. It is only 30 minutes with the underground or tram from the big, well-equipped campus to the docks of Lake Ontario. The school is just a stone's throw from the green Eglinton Park, the shops on Yonge Street only being 5 minutes away. On Englinton Avenue, shops, cinemas, restaurants and cafés are all next to each other in the middle of the neighbourhood where the shopping centre is situated. You can canoe, hike and bike in Sherwood park, which is just 15 minutes from our school. During the evenings you can go out on Queen Street or in the Distillery District which has red brick, industrial built cinemas, theatres, restaurants, bars and clubs. The variety of restaurants is impressive. In Toronto, it is easy to embark on a culinary world tour without exceeding the city limits.



LISA! Language courses for teenagers »

LISA! Language courses for students in Toronto 16 Plus are perfectly organised English language courses in the heart of town. Your child will be taught and educated by us. Our language courses are adapted for young adults from 16 years. Students under 18 year olds experience a level of supervision. Whoever books a LISA! Language course for their child books a premium course. We are members of professional associations and have over 20 years experience in the field of language courses abroad. In the calendar you will find all of the start dates for the course. During the language course the students will stay in chosen accommodation.

Accreditation »

With more than 20 years of experience, LISA! Study Abroad is one of the best agencies today offering organised language programmes. The language school in Canada has belonged to us since the foundation of the company in 1977. It is part of the professional organisations ALTO, TESL Canada und Languages Canada and is approved by Languages Canada as well as TESL Canada and ALTO. All our teachers are mother-tongue speakers and specialise in teaching English as a foreign language.

LISA! Language courses for teenagers »

During your first day at school, your child will be assigned to the suitable level class according to their language knowledge. Your child will learn to speak fluent English from our language courses. We also prepare your child for his or her final exams or help to improve their school marks.

Arrival »

We will gladly book your child a low cost flight to Toronto. From there you can easily reach the accommodation with the low priced public transport. We are happy to offer your child a transfer from the airport. Please note that the flight will not be supervised and the transfer is compulsory for anyone under 18 years.

After the lesson - Highlights in Toronto:

  • See a piece of fascinating theatre in the 'Ed Mirvish Theatre'

  • See the city from the CN tower at night

  • Experience 1920 and 1930 Toronto in the 'Spadina Museum'

  • Relax in 'Eglinton Park'

  • Take a tour through the University of Toronto

  • Visit the defiant 'Casa Loma' 

  • Watch stand up comedy in the 'Absolute Comedy Club'

  • Travel back in time and visit the 'Black Creek Pioneer Village'

We are happy to help you find the language course which best meets your needs. We will give you advice on the best time to travel, the ideal duration of your language course, information about the respective entry requirements and about how to get to your accommodation. Our information service is free of charge. You can book your language course by phone, e-mail or by filling out our online booking form.

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