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General Terms and Conditions of Business (T&Cs)

Your contract
Please use the booking form on our website. For all travel agency bookings, the travel agency is merely a mediator. Responsible for LISA! organized trips is exclusively the Lisa Reisen GmbH. The contract and booking between LISA! Travel UK and the client are binding when your booking is confirmed by LISA! Changes or additions to your course booking as originally advertised in the online catalogue at time of booking will only be added to the contract if explicitly confirmed by LISA! in the travel confirmation document. Travel agents have no authority to give this confirmation.

Travel documents and payment
A payment of 20% of the total cost of the booking (30% for school trips), or a minimum of £200 if the percentage is less than this amount, is due upon completion of the travel contract, i.e. upon receipt of travel confirmation. The remaining balance is payable 28 days prior to course commencement. If a course is booked less than 28 days in advance, fees must be paid in full immediately. Should the full payment be made to LISA! later than one week prior to departure, LISA! reserves the right to charge you for express delivery by courier of the necessary travel documents.

Third-party services
It is possible to book services provided by third parties via LISA! (i.e. excursions, hotel rooms, other packages. If you choose to enter into a contract for the provision of excursions or other leisure services, your contract will be with the supplier directly and we act only in the capacity of an agent. Terms and conditions of the third party supplier at time of booking will apply.

You may withdraw from the contract at any time before the start of your course. The cancellation comes into effect from the date upon which LISA! receives notice of cancellation, preferably in written form. LISA! reserves the right to claim appropriate cancellation fees according to the following scale, calculated taking into account unavoidable expenditure, but less services which may be resold.

Language Course cancellation charges (percentage of total cost of booking):
60 days or more before course commencement 10%, minimum £200
35 - 59 days before course commencement 30%, minimum £200
21 - 34 days before course commencement 50%, minimum £200
10 - 20 days before course commencement 60%, minimum £200
4 - 9 days before course commencement 70%, minimum £200
3 days or less before course commencement 90%, minimum £200
on the day of course commencement or in the absence of a written notice of cancellation 95%

School trip group cancellations:
60 days or more before course commencement 20%
35 – 59 days before course commencement 30%
6 - 34 days before course commencement 50%
5 days or less before course commencement 70%
on the day of course commencement or in the absence of a written notice of cancellation 95%

Wherever possible, expenditure will be reimbursed. Cancellation costs for extra services provided by third parties will vary according to each service provider, up to, and including, the full cost. If you feel that LISA! has incurred lower costs for the cancellation than those charged, you are entitled to contest this, in which case compensation will be paid according to the individual case.

Substitute person
Up until the course begins it is possible to request that somebody else take your place. LISA! reserves the right to refuse this substitution if the substitute person does not meet the course requirements or any legal requirements. The handling charge for this is £45. Should there be any other related costs coming from third-party service providers, a separate charge will be made to the client. If you feel that LISA! has incurred lower costs for the alteration than those charged, you are entitled to contest this.

Booking alterations
You may alter your booking subject to availability up to 21 days before the start of your journey. Booking alterations may only be made once per course and are subject to an alteration fee of £45. Booking alterations which are made less than 21 days before the start of your journey or repeated booking alterations are classed as booking cancellations and a new booking fee plus cancellation fee (as stated above) will be used for calculating the alteration fee. This does not apply to alterations which incur negligible costs. Should you wish to cancel a booking after it has been altered, we will charge cancellation fees for the original booking if these are higher than cancellation fees of your amended booking. If you feel that LISA! has incurred lower costs for the alterations than those charged, you are entitled to contest this.

Cancellation by LISA!
If a client does not comply with the terms and conditions set out by any of our schools/service providers or acts in such a way as to disrupt the course even after a final warning, LISA! Travel UK and all representatives of the company reserve the right to cancel the contract with immediate effect. For serious breaches of contract including grave contravention of general behavior guidelines, house and hotel regulations and customs and practices of the host country, no preliminary warning is necessary. Certain expenditure recuperated from services booked but no longer required may be reimbursed to the client. In any of these circumstances no refunds or compensation will be paid to you (save for certain expenditure recuperated from third party services booked but no longer required, according to the discretion of the individual service provider), and we may make a claim against you for any costs and expenses incurred as a result of your behavior.

Cancellation of booked services
Should you decide to change or not to utilize extra services booked with any of our schools or other associated service providers etc. after the commencement of your course due to early departure or for any other reason, LISA! Travel UK will do their best to reimburse fees if possible but cannot guarantee this.

Guarantee / Corrective ActionsShould you find fault with the services provided by LISA! you must immediately inform the school administration on site or the contact person named on your travel documents, and if needs be, LISA!, so that a solution can be found. If you do not register your complaint at the time, this may invalidate any claim you may wish to make at a later stage (for a reduction, compensation payment, etc.). Should you decide to leave the course and/or accommodation early on the grounds of serious shortcomings, you must first notify the appropriate person(s) as detailed above, and set an appropriate deadline for your early departure so that the validity of your claim is not compromised. The only exceptions to this obligation are in cases where a solution is impossible to find, where the proposed solution is categorically refused or where it is in the client’s best interests to immediately cancel the contract for exceptional reasons. Your claim also remains valid if you were prevented from adhering to the notification period through no fault of your own. Claims under the travel contract pursuant to § 651i (3) BGB become statute-barred within two years. This limitation begins with the day on which the trip to the travel contract should end. The assertion of other claims remains unaffected by this provision.

Limitation of liability
Should any damages occur, excepting injury of life, body or health, contractual and tortious liability is limited to three times the total price of the booking, as long as LISA! did not induce the damages either intentionally or through gross negligence, or if the damage occurred through the sole fault of a service provider. This maximum liability amount applies for each individual traveler and each booking. Should further services have been booked separately, LISA! is only liable for the correct mediation of the services and not for the services themselves. Any exceeding claims on grounds of prevailing international agreements or regulations based on them remain unaffected by the limitation of liability.

Travel Insurance
Unless otherwise stated, travel insurance is not included in the price of the course. We strongly recommend that all clients take out comprehensive cancellation cover against inability to attend or continue a course, international personal liability insurance and worldwide health insurance. An insurance taken out through LISA! should be considered a mediation service. The insurance contract will exclusively come into effect between you and the respective insurance agency. The premiums for insurances are not part of the travel prices and are due immediately after conclusion of the insurance contract. In case of the withdrawal from a booking, please inform us whether the cancellation should also apply to the insurance, provided that this is possible under the insurance’s terms of contract.

Passport, visa, customs and health restrictions
It is each traveler’s individual responsibility to abide by all official travel regulations. Any costs incurred due to non-compliance with these regulations are the traveler’s responsibility, unless this is a result of false or lacking information from the course organizers. We ask all customers to keep informed about any requirements related to passports, visas or health regulations well before departure by contacting LISA! or the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) which will refer you to each particular country’s official embassy or consulate in the UK. Exceptions may apply for non-British citizens, who must declare this to LISA! at the time of booking and seek their relevant consulate or embassy for more information. LISA! cannot be held liable for the punctual issue and arrival of visas by the diplomatic authorities unless the delay was caused by us. Please note that diplomatic authorities may at any time change their travel regulations, and LISA! will do everything possible to keep clients informed of any changes. Please find out about any necessary vaccinations, medication and any other preventative measures required or recommended for your chosen destination prior to departure and contact your GP for advice if necessary. For further information please see the Department of Health and other public services providing information on travel health.

Prohibition of assignment
The assignment of a claim against the tour operator is only permitted if, at the time of booking, the assignee confirmed with their signature that he/ she also takes responsibility for the contractual obligations of the person(s) who transferred the rights laid out in the travel contract to them. The prohibition of assignment applies to all claims in the travel contract as well as claims in tort and unjust enrichment.


The invalidity of individual clauses in the travel contract, including conditions of travel, does not invalidate the entire travel contract. Any legal case arising from this contract shall be heard in Leipzig under the application of German law.

Consumers have the opportunity to receive free assistance via the EU's online dispute resolution (OS) platform for submitting a consumer complaint to an online sales contract or online service contract, as well as information on the procedures in the European Union's consumer arbitration bodies , The platform can be reached via the following Internet address:

LISA! is neither legally obliged nor willing to participate in out-of-court dispute settlement proceedings.

Tour Operator
Lisa Reisen GmbH, Tschaikowskistr. 30, 04105 Leipzig, Germany (CEO: Holger Dähne),
trading as Lisa Travel UK.

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