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The quickest way to learn English is by taking part in a high quality language course in an English-speaking country. LISA! is a first-class language course provider in this field. An English language course with LISA! allows you to learn English in the quickest, most intensive way possible whilst also getting value for money, travelling the world and enjoying a holiday in some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Choose to stay with our host families, in a hotel or in an apartment – some of which are right by the sea!

Our English language courses are suitable for adults of all age groups and levels of English language proficiency. We are happy to advise you and provide you with a quote today for free. All prices are packages which include accommodation.

Specialist advice: 01256-808212

Price example 2 weeks: Malta (£512), London (£716), Cape Town (£593)



LISA! Study Abroad - specialist advice: 01256-808212

  1. English Language Courses by the Sea
    Our popular course destinations by the sea include Malta, Bournemouth, Cape Town, Sydney Beach, Auckland and Hawaii. Price example: 2 weeks in Malta costs £512
  2. English Language Courses for Different Age Groups
    LISA! Language Courses are suited for adults of all ages: around half of our course participants are students and the other half are 30+. Seniors and older participants also find many course programmes suitable. We can advise you.

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