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LISA! Language courses in Malta | 2 weeks of English in Sliema £512

Monday - Friday — 09:00 - 17:00


Many cultures have shaped the small Mediterranean island, so Malta is unique with its colourfully painted fishing boats, its diverse beaches and its façades, which date back to ancient oriental myths.

Direct advice on language travel in Malta: 01256-808212



  • Sliema
    Adults English
    545 £ / 2 Weeks

  1. Experience
    GLS have organised language courses since 1983 - not only language lessons in the narrow sense but also in language traineeships and school trips abroad.
  2. Great care
    We are abroad regularly and see many language schools. We get to see what the different schools are like so we can gladly advise you which to book.
  3. Fast school and course search
    Are you looking for a language course in a small group?  An A level or a TOEFL course? Simply use the course search.
  4. Communities
    We make it easy for you to meet others who are also doing a language course with GLS. Travellers and GLS participants, who come to the country, find themselves in these GLS language course communities.
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