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LISA! Language courses are one of the best agencies for language courses from 50 years. We have specialised in this age group for many years. All of our 50 year old customers are completely unique. Advice before booking a language course is recommended.



Language courses for participants from 50 years:

Our language courses for adults are suitable for all age groups. Participants will experience new groups of people from all over the world, a new language and above all, their chosen destination. For our participants over 50 years, we offer a different programme: If you don't mind a more diverse age group and look forward to mixing with different people then choose any of our language courses for adults. 30 Plus courses are all participants over 30 years. Our language and cultural courses are especially for customers over the age of 50 years. You learn a language and use it when exploring.

  1. English by the sea: here you meet participants of all ages in Malta
  2. English in London: Participants over 30 years
  3. Language and cultural courses, study courses

Book a course, where you can learn along side your children or grandchildren:

For the following destinations we offer language courses for adults and teenagers so that families can participate in a language course together. The classes are separate for adults and teenagers.

  1. English by the sea: Malta for teenagers and Malta for adults
  2. Holiday by the sea: Nice for teenagers and Nice for adults
  3. Spanish by the sea: Malaga for teenagers  and Malaga for adults


Elke Greim and the LISA! Travel team will happily offer detailed advice. We will give you a personal quote. Please write to us or call us on 01256-808212

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