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The historically and culturally significant city of Oaxaca is located in southern Mexico and offers museums full of art and archaeological treasures.  The appealing architecture with colonial and Indian roots makes Oaxaca one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico.  Our language courses are suitable for students and adults of all ages.  The course starts every Monday, for beginners every second Monday. 

Price example: 2 weeks 1329 £ - All prices can be found here





  1. Top course location
  2. The capital of the state of the same name is located in a wide valley surrounded by high mountains with a pleasantly mild, temperate climate.  The historic centre of Oaxaca is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and extends around the Cathedral of Santo Domingo.  Here you can relax and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city and listen to the sounds of the marimba bands.  Magnificent Baroque architecture with beautiful ornaments, expansive plazas, and elegant cobbled streets characterize the city.  In many markets you will find unique handicrafts from the region and in the kitchens you can taste the special gastronomic specialties of Oaxaca, such as the famous 'moles' and cheese.

  3. Best location
    Our language school in Oaxaca is located in a historic building dating back to the 16th century, right in the centre of the city. The building has a shaded courtyard and a small restaurant.  Here you can spend the breaks relaxed or try a typical Mexican lunch. There are also many museums, shops, restaurants and cafés in the vicinity of the school.
  4. Students and diversity:
    The majority of our students travel alone and usually find friendly, suitable students from all parts of the world to make friends and get to know each other on the first day of school.  Book with LISA in accordance with tradition!  Language trips Students and educated young professionals between 20 and 35 years of age, as well as established professionals between 35 and 45 years of age.  Also students over 50 years of age find themselves in our program very well, especially in our culture course.
  5. Language course and teaching:
    Significant learning progress is already visible in the first week.  All teachers are specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.  Our students can also combine the Spanish courses with Mexican cooking or dancing.  Free Wi-Fi is available within the language school.

  6. Complete price with accommodation:
    During your language studies in Oaxaca, you will stay with a host family.  Many leisure activities and excursions complete the language holiday in Oaxaca.

  7. sign of quality:
    Small course groups with a maximum of 8 participants promote the fastest learning success.  Students from all over the world take part in the language courses.  All teachers are specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.  Our courses in Oaxaca are suitable for beginners (A1) to intermediate (C2) levels

  8. Price advantage:
    We offer a discount on the language course from the 2nd week onwards.  This discount is already included in the travel price in the price tables.


Booking in 2 minutes:

Book your language trip comfortably by phone (0341 – 702 68 68) or click on the desired price in the price table.  A pre-filled online form will open.  Please also use our free expert advice.  

The course of your language course:

Example depending on booking:

  • Flight to Oaxaca

  • Friendly welcome at the airport

  • Transfer to accommodation

  • Arriving and sleeping

  • Meeting at LISA!  Language school

  • Getting to know each other in a friendly way

  • Language test

  • Classification into the appropriate language course

  • Learn Spanish

  • Taking a holiday

  • Last day of school

  • Packing and sleeping

  • Departure the next day


After the language course - Highlights in Oaxaca:

  • A visit to the Regional Museum of Oaxaca, where the Mixtec and Zapotec treasures are among the most important finds in America

  •  In the Mercado Benito Juárez you can observe various handicrafts such as pottery, weaving or jewellery making

  •  Try the chocolate produced here, because in Oaxaco the production of chocolate from the cocoa bean was invented

  •  In the Museum of Contemporary Art you can admire works by famous artists such as Rufino Tamayo or Toledo

  •  Watch Mexican married couples in the monastery 'Camino Real'

  •  Relax in one of the many beautiful parks and admire plants from all over Mexico

  •  Dance at the Guelaguetza Dance Festival or the Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen

  •  In Santa Maria de Tule you can admire the thickest known tree in the world, the Árbol del Tule, with a diameter of 14.05 meters


Customer questions and answers:

When do I have to book?
As a rule, we can also make short-term bookings.  The bottleneck usually occurs during the flight.  We recommend booking at least 2 weeks before departure.

How much is the cost of a language study trip to Oaxaca?
A 2-week language trip with 20 Spanish lessons per week and accommodation in a single room with half board in a host family costs 1329 €.

Are these language courses also suitable for students?
The information on this page is intended for adults.  Even young people from 16 years of age who live in a host family and are already self-employed can learn Spanish at our school in Oaxaca.  For students under 16 years of age, we recommend our Spanish language courses.

Is there a placement test at the beginning of the language trip?
Yes, there's a grading on the first day of school.  You will then be assigned to the appropriate level (A1 to C2).

Can I book the language course without accommodation?
We are happy to inform you of the price without accommodation.

When do I have to pay?
Upon conclusion of the contract (after delivery of the travel confirmation and the guarantee certificate), a deposit of 20% of the travel price, but at least EUR 200, plus any insurance premiums, is payable.  The remaining payment of the travel price is to be made 28 days before the start of the trip.


Arrival and service:

We would be glad to book a cheap air ticket to Oaxaca for you.  From the airport you can easily reach your accommodation by public transport.  We will also be happy to have you picked up by a transfer service.  We advise you free of charge on the optimal travel time and duration, on the appropriate type of language course as well as on arrival and entry.  Call us or send us an e-mail.

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