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LISA! French course in Montpellier| 13 - 16 years | 2 weeks £ 2309

Monday - Friday — 09:00 - 17:00

LISA! Montpellier language courses for students

In Montpellier, we offer French courses in summer with an extensive leisure programme for students aged 13 to 16. The warm summer in the South of France is perfect for studying French with students from all over the world. The full price includes language courses, supervision, the extensive leisure programme, all airport transfers and accommodation with a host family with full board. International students!

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  1. Top Course location:
    The sun almost always shines in Montpellier in the south of France. The student town is the perfect size to reach everything important on foot. The winding streets of the old town are great for strolling around. In the shadow of the large aqueduct you can watch friendly French gentlemen playing the typical ball game 'Pétanque'. The 'Palavas' beach just outside the city can be reached in about 30 minutes by public transport.
  2. The support: 
    All of our language trips are supervised language trips. The school and the teacher provide support. There are intervals, e.g. on the way to school, at which your children are self-employed and are not supervised. We advise you in detail.
  3. The language school:
    The language school is located a 15-minute walk from the city center on a typical French school campus. The 12 classrooms are large and bright and you can spend your breaks in the sunny courtyard. Free, fast WiFi is available on the school grounds.

  4. The lesson:
    Our language trips in Montpellier are suitable for students aged 13 to 16. The teaching groups are formed according to age. Classes take place in the morning from Monday to Friday, and excursions and leisure activities are offered in the afternoon, evening and weekends, as well as spending time together with the family when staying with a host family.

  5. The accommodation:
    Your son or daughter lives with the host family in a single or double room. Our students receive full board, i.e. breakfast and warm dinner, lunch in the cafeteria and packed lunches for excursions.

  6. The leisure program:
    The big LISA! Leisure program is included in the price and is part of the teaching concept and contributes significantly to learning success. The beautiful beach can be reached in 30 minutes by public transport. There we go swimming, play beach volleyball or tennis. When you arrive, we'll explore the city together and have a big welcome party. We go on half-day trips to the Lac du Crès or to the beautiful port town of Sète. At the weekend we go on day trips, for example to Avignon, to the 'Demoiselles' cave or the exotic park 'La Bambouseraie'. In the afternoons we organize football, basketball or volleyball tournaments or swim in Montpellier's Olympic swimming pool. In the evening we have fun at the cinema, sing karaoke and have a big farewell party at the end.

  7. Quality feature:
    LISA! With over 20 years of experience, language travel is one of the best providers and organizations for language travel for students. Our language school is recognized by Label Qualité FLE, Groupement FLE and Montpellier Tourist Office and is a member of Maison de la France, Groupement FLE and Montpellier Tourist Office. All teachers are specialized in teaching their native French as a foreign language.

  8. The arrival:
    We would be happy to book your child a cheap flight ticket to Montpellier. The journey is unaccompanied. Round-trip transfers from Montpellier airport or train station are already included in the price. Arrival should take place on Sundays from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and departure on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. An organized transfer service from Nîmes Airport is also possible at an additional cost. Your son or daughter will be warmly welcomed by our host families or our tour guides and taken to the accommodation. Please call us or write us an email. We will provide you with detailed advice on flight connections, prices and cheap flight tickets to Montpellier.


Still places available. Booking in 2 minutes: conveniently by phone (01256-808212) or click on the price in the price table. A pre-filled online form opens. Please also take advantage of our free expert advice. We take a lot of time to answer all your questions, which we are happy to answer quickly by phone or email.


Example: Leisure program in Montpellier (included in the price):

  • City tour

  • Beach volleyball, games on the beach

  • Basketball, football, tennis, volleyball

  • Workshops

  • Quiz or film evening

  • Talent shows and theme nights

  • Karaoke and disco

  • Swimming in Montpellier's Olympic swimming pool

  • 1 half-day trip per week e.g. to Séte or Nîmes, to the Grotte de Clamouse, the 'Pont du Diable' bridge, to the 'Lac du Crès'

  • Day trips e.g. to Avignon, the aqueduct 'Pont du Gard', the Camargue, the 'Grotte des Demoiselles', 'La Bambouseraie' and Lac du Crés

  • Farewell party (on the beach or school disco)



Customer questions and answers:

How much free space does my child have?
All paths are short and clear. Your child will be busy with lessons and leisure activities all day. For children who would like to spend their language holiday by the sea, we recommend our French language trips in Cannes.

How much does a language trip to Montpellier cost?
A 2-week language trip with 20 French lessons per week and accommodation with the host family in a single or double room with full board costs €2309. The large leisure program, all airport transfers, the language course and accommodation are included in the travel price.​

Can I share a room with my boyfriend/girlfriend/brother/sister?
We are happy to accommodate friends or family members together.

Is there a placement test at the start of the language trip?
Yes, there will be an assessment on the first day of school. The students are then divided into the appropriate level.

Until when do I have to pay?
When the contract is concluded (after the travel confirmation and security certificate has been issued), a deposit of 20% of the travel price, but at least an amount of EUR 200, plus any insurance premiums, is due. The remaining payment of the travel price must be made 28 days before departure. Parents will find all the information on the invoice.



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