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Students between the ages of 13 and 18 can spend their summer holidays at the prestigious Trent College in Nottingham. This idyllic college is located in middle England and boasts a swimming pool and various sports facilities. The English language course, supervision, our huge programme of extra-curricular activities, airport transfers and accommodation on campus are all included in the price. This course attracts students from all over the world.

2 weeks at Trent College £1709  - All prices can be found in our price table here




  1. Amazing course location:
    Nottingham is a typical English town in the middle of England where Robin Hood is said to have defended its inhabitants against the sheriff’s atrocities. Today Nottingham is a beautiful city with a castle, a marketplace, theatres, a football team and a university.
  2. Our language school in Nottingham: 
    This language course is held on the Trent College campus, an English boarding school 20 minutes outside Nottingham. Our students will both take their classes and reside on the vast, historical campus. The school boasts an indoor swimming pool, an auditorium, sports hall, football fields, tennis courts amongst other sports facilities. Alongside our English language course, children can take riding lessons or performing arts classes in the afternoon.
  3. International course participants:
    We guarantee international class groups, as this course attracts students from all four corners of the world. LISA! Language courses is one of the few language course providers which has offices in multiple countries, including Italy, Spain and Denmark.
  4. Accommodation:
    Your son or daughter will be accommodated on the school grounds, either in a shared or single room. Girls and boys will be housed in separate buildings. As the language course is also held on campus, children will easily be able to find their way to class. This language course is all-inclusive and all meals will be eaten in the school’s canteen.
  5. Course dates:
    This course is available throughout the summer holidays and courses start on Mondays. Arrival and departure will take place on Sunday.
  6. Supervision: 
    LISA! English Language Courses for under-18s are perfectly organised, expertly supervised language courses for children and young people abroad. Your child will be well looked after at our school in Nottingham, with accommodation a stone’s throw away from the classroom. Our team of staff at the school are always reachable. There will, however, be some times during which your child will be unsupervised. For example, when walking to classes. We’ll let you know in advance.

  7. Free Wi-Fi:
    Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the school building

  8. Results and quality of the language course: 
    Results when it comes to learning English sets this course apart. Results are guaranteed by our employment of some of the world’s best English language teachers, all of which are native speakers specialised in teaching English as a foreign language. Lessons are taught completely in English.

  9. Extra-curricular activities: 
    Our huge programme of extra-curricular activities is included in the price. Trent College’s vast campus is used for a variety of extra-curricular activities, including team sports, painting lessons, theatre, swimming and there will also be excursions to places like London, Cambridge or Manchester. Our students will explore Warwick Castle and learn about knights, go to either Alton Towers or Thorpe Park amusement parks or to the zoo. Our extra-curricular activities are part of the learning concept and will contribute to your child’s acquisition of the English language.

  10. Getting there:
    We are happy to book a low-cost flight to London Gatwick or Heathrow for you. Please note that your child will be unaccompanied during the flight. Arrivals take place on Sundays between 9am and 6pm and departures between 12pm and 9pm. Airport transfers are included in the price. Students will be welcomed at the airport by our friendly team of staff and taken to their accommodation.

  11. Cost-effective:
    The language course, all extra-curricular activities and airport transfers are all included in the price. You can find a summary of our prices in the Price Table or you can compare prices by using our Travel Finder.


Places still available! Book in 2 minutes: call us on 01256-808212 or click on your preferred price in the price table and an online booking form will then open. You can also send us an email at

Extra-curricular activites at Trent College:

  • Painting and cooking classes

  • Tennis, cricket, rugby and yoga

  • Swimming in the school's indoor swimming pool

  • Safari trip

  • Excursions to London, York, Cambridge, Oxford or Manchester

  • Trip to an amusement park

  • Trip to Warwick Castle



When do I have to book by?
We can usually make bookings at short notice, depending on flight availability. We recommend booking at least 2 weeks in advance.

Will it be difficult for my child to get to class?
At our language school in Nottingham, children are accommodated on campus. The classroom and all amenities are quickly reached on foot.

How much does a language course for under-18s in Nottingham cost?
A 2-week English language course with 15 lessons per week and on-campus accommodation (all-inclusive) costs £1709. Our extra-curricular activities, all airport transfers, the language course and airport transfers are all included in the price.

Can I be placed into the same class as a friend or sibling?
Placement into a class is based on your level of English and also on your age, but it is usually possible for students arriving together to be placed into the same class. Please note that girls and boys will be accommodated in separate buildings.

Will there be a language proficiency test?
Yes. On the first day of classes there will be a language proficiency test. You will then be placed into an appropriately-levelled class based on that test.

When do I have to pay by?
Upon finalising the contract (after we have received travel confirmation and all relevant documents), a down payment in the amount of 20% of the cost of the trip, but at least £200, plus any insurance premiums is payable. The remaining balance is to be paid 28 days before departure.

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