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LISA! Language courses in Egypt | 2 weeks of Arabic in Dahab £599

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Our language school in Dahab is in a comfortable hotel and even has its own beautiful private beach. Our neighbours are wonderful bedouin people who take camels through the desert. Many colourful fish swim through the red sea. Dahab is a divers paradise.

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  1. Top location: Learn and stay in a comfortable hotel with a beach 
  2. Quality: Small groups, intensive teaching, personal support
  3. Watersport paradise: Bathe, sun, snorkel and dive

Dahab is a small bedouin village and lies on the peninsula, Sinai, the bridge between Egypt and Israel, and is a unique underwater paradise of the red sea. In the huge coral reef, lives anemone, orange clown fish and colourful, agile, shoals of fish. Divers and snorkelers refer to the coast of Dahab as a gorgeous, colourful underwater world. On the oriental Bazar, the colourful scarves blow in the wind on the beach. Directly behind Dahab stand the mountains of Sinai where the biblical story of moses and the 10 commandments took place. Old paths, colourful canyons and fascinating rock formations offer great opportunities for hikers. At sunset, where the Dahab's red - gold waters and mountains are illuminated, the small bars and restaurants on the beach invite guests with candlelight to sit down on the typical colourfully patterned seat cushions and carpets in oriental cuisine.



LISA! Language course »

LISA! Language courses in Dahab are quality arabian language courses with accommodation. Our language courses begin every weekday (see calendar). The arabian classes are suited for students, workers, beginers and researchers. During your language course you will stay in a hotel.

Accreditation »

With more than 20 years of experience, LISA! Study Abroad is today one of the best agencies offering organised language programmes. Higher teaching standard, Swiss quality achievement. All our teachers are mother-tongue speakers and specialise in teaching English as a foreign language.

Your language course in Dahab »

During your first day at school, you will be assigned to the suitable level class according to your language knowledge. This guarantees an excellent and successful learning. After classes, you will have plenty of time to explore the city and its surroundings. The school offers overnight trips to the mountains with a bedouin family and evening dinner in the lost stream (Wadi Arada), on the most famous mountain, Sinai or in the abbey. In addition, you can take a diving course or book massages. You can also explore the city on your own. You will surely find fellow-travellers wishing to join you during your tours. The best way to improve your knowledge of a foreign language is getting in touch with the local people. Therefore, we suggest that you take every opportunity to practice your knowledge with mother-tongue speakers.

Arrival »

We will happily book you a low cost plane ticket to Sharm El Sheikh or alternatively to Kairo and we can also provide a transfer service from the airport.

After the language course - Highlights in Dahab:

  • Bathe and snorkel on the golden beaches

  • Enjoy sweet treats in the traditional tea room

  • Take a day trip to the desert with bedouin people

  • Take a night trip to the lost stream 'Wadi Arada'

  • Buy fresh vegetables and traditional artwork at the market

  • Dive into the underwater world of the red sea

  • Take a day trip to Sinai- to the hundred year old abbey


We are happy to help you find the language course which best meets your needs. We will give you advice on the best time to travel, the ideal duration of your language course, information about the respective entry requirements and about how to get to your accommodation. Our information service is free of charge. You can book your language course by phone, e-mail or by filling out our online booking form.

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